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Work From Home jobs: We are a company operating entirely remotely, focusing on the B2B SEO industry.

The success of SEO relies heavily on the quality of links. Even in today’s landscape, link quality is crucial for determining our ranking.

This is where you come in.Your main responsibility will be to establish connections and build relationships with website owners and managers. The goal is to find ways in which we can assist each other. This role is not your typical link builder position, where you have to beg numerous individuals for a link, hoping that one of them will comply. Our approach is different. We believe in contacting a select few people, fostering genuine relationships, and discovering mutually beneficial opportunities. It’s an authentic and dynamic process. However, it can also be challenging as each prospect is unique, requiring you to solve a puzzle and find deals that excite both parties.

In this role, you will receive a commission. The more effort you invest, the greater your rewards.


Your Responsibilities

– Achieving a daily email target for reaching out to new prospects. You will need to cold email individuals regularly to maintain a strong pipeline.

– Employing creative strategies to identify websites suitable for our outreach campaigns and obtaining contact information. While we have an existing database, you will be expected to continuously expand it and fill any gaps.

– Keeping our CRM updated as you progress opportunities and advance deals.

– Personalizing email templates for each prospect and suggesting improvements to our templates while adapting them for new campaigns.

– Generating new campaign ideas to engage different types of prospects.

– Corresponding via email and persuading website publishers to link to our content.

– Establishing long-term relationships with key opportunities to secure multiple links from the same site.

– Consistently meeting the monthly link quota, adhering to all quality requirements. Once the monthly goal is achieved, you will begin earning a commission for any additional links generated that month.

How to Tell If You’ll be a Great Fit:

– You thoroughly enjoy working in an email sales role. You are comfortable managing numerous active threads every day and spend a significant amount of time in your inbox.

– You relish the challenge of finding solutions for each deal. We have multiple offers that can be traded for links, and you are the type of person who will persistently pursue each deal until all the pieces fall into place and it closes.

– Establishing genuine connections with people through email comes naturally to you. Your emails reflect your personality, striking the perfect balance of being personable without being cringy or pushy.

– You have a strong competitive drive. As a sales role, you will have daily input quotas and monthly output goals. Rather than discouraging you, the daily scoreboard motivates you. You thrive in a role with monthly goals and a commission structure, finding anything less to be unexciting.

– Follow-up is second nature to you. While automated follow-up tools are helpful, you are the kind of person who would send manual follow-ups if necessary. You can’t resist sending 1-2 follow-ups to every prospect.

– You know when to let things go. Representing our company to thousands of individuals, you understand the importance of that role. While you are persistent and suggest alternative ideas, you also recognize when to give people space and let a deal go.

– Reaching out to people humbly is not a challenge for you. While you maintain boundaries, you believe it never hurts to ask. After all, the worst that can happen is they say “no.”

– This role requires you to spend most of your day in front of a computer and inside your inbox (approximately 85% of the time). It’s a demanding job that involves repetitive tasks. The monthly cycle can also be challenging. You aim to achieve your goal, earn a commission, celebrate at the end of the month, and then start anew on the first day of the following month. None of this intimidates you.

– This position is fully remote, and applicants must be based in the United States


This is a full-time remote position with Stone Press.

Compensation: $60,000 base salary plus commissions.

Comprehensive health, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage for you, your spouse, and dependents. We have selected the best available plan.

One-time office reimbursement of $1,500. We cover the cost of your equipment, and you get to keep it.

Monthly $300 reimbursement for remote work expenses.

Three weeks of paid time off (PTO) annually, in addition to observing 12 US holidays.

Sixteen weeks of fully paid, job-protected parental leave.

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