5 Signs that Something BIG is about to happen

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Something BIG is everywhere and opportunities abound. But if you spot the right ones at the right time and seizing them can be challenging.We all know we need to keep our eyes peeled for new opportunities but a lot of us struggle to be as opportunistic as we’d like. To help you find them more often, we’ve put together five signs that something BIG is about to happen and how to take action when you spot one. They come up unexpectedly in meetings, catch us off guard at events or ambush us in routine tasks such as updating our profiles on LinkedIn or visiting our favorite blogs.

You just have to know where to look and be prepared for them when they arrive.

Know Where to Look for Opportunities

Many opportunities will come up in areas you have no control over, such as an economic trend affecting your industry or an event that’s happening in a geography you don’t live in. But there are also plenty of areas within your own sphere of influence where you can spot opportunities. Here are just a few examples: – Your inbox, your calendar, your daily tasks, and your blog posts. If you like to get involved in conversations on blogs, social media and other forums, you’re likely to be on the receiving end of many invitations to participate in events.

 Be Alert for Signs of Change

Many disruptions happen because a new technology or a new business model makes existing products or services redundant. Be on the lookout for the following: New partnerships, new technology and new regulation. New competitors could also be a sign of change in your industry. The signs of change will likely be difficult to pick out if you’re not in the know of the industry. But if you’re in a sector that’s seeing rapid disruption, you have plenty of opportunities to look out for.

 Be on the lookout for Big Brands

Big brands are always on the lookout for new ways to grow, diversify, and expand their market share. And many of them are actively looking for ways to engage with smaller and more niche audiences. If you are blog owner or forum and you’re able to engage a niche audience — like parents, pet owners
— you could be in a great position to partner with a brand that has something BIG to offer your audience.
Similarly, if you have social media following, you could be a great partner of brands wanting to grow their audiences.
For example, if you have more following on Instagram, you could interest brands looking for audience for their instagram following. If you have a certain skill, you could also be in a great position to partner with a brand. If you’re a great public speaker with a large following, for example, you could partner with brands that want to host webinars, podcasts, or other events that could benefit from your expertise.

Be aware of Shifting Consumer Behaviors

New technologies are often accompanied by major changes in consumer behavior. For example, once smartphones became common, shopping on desktop computers largely died out. If there’s a major shift in the way people do things, it could be a sign of change and present a big opportunity. If you’re a marketer, you’ll likely notice a shift in consumer behavior in your market segment. If you’re in a position to take advantage of that shift, you could be a great position to seize a big opportunity.

Recognize When Regulations Change

Finally, keep an eye out for regulatory changes that could open up opportunities in your industry. If a new regulation makes it easier for you to do business, it could present a great opportunity. But if a regulation changes and makes it more difficult to do business, it could be a sign of change and present an opportunity. Even if a regulation doesn’t change, you could still see an opportunity if it’s poorly enforced or is poorly understood. If a government entity targets your industry withoud respecting properly the rules , that could be a great opportunity for you.


Now you know all the signs that something BIG is about to happen, you can spot and act on them. This way, you will have more opportunities to grow your business and have a better life. Remember that opportunities don’t fall out of the sky; you must be ready for them and be alert for them. Be ready for them and they will come your way!

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