10 Easy Ways to Make Your Exercise Strength More Intense

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When you first start your exercise s, it can feel like you’re just going through the motions. You go to the gym, complete your warm-up and stretching sessions, lift some weights, maybe throw in a 30-second sprint here and there, and then call it a day. Sadly, that kind of routine won’t help you build muscle or lose fat. To take your fitness game to the next level, you need to find ways to push yourself harder so that each exercise s is more intense than the last. If you’re not sure how to increase the intensity of your exercise strength, read on for 10 easy ways to make your workouts more intense.

These tips are perfect if you want to take your training up a notch but don’t have much free time. Even a small change here or there will make a big difference in how challenging your workouts are.


Track your workouts

If you’re new to the gym scene, you might not realize how important it is to keep track of your exercise s. Tracking your workouts will help you figure out what’s working for you and what isn’t. It will also help you figure out which exercise s are giving you the best results and which ones you should ditch. In order to track your exercise s, you’ll need to figure out what exactly you need to track. For example, you’ll want to note how many sets and reps you do for each exercise s. You can also keep track of your rest periods — the time between sets. Keeping track of your workouts will help you avoid overtraining and make sure your routines stay challenging.


Add weight

If you’re looking for a surefire way to make your exercise s more intense, add more weight to the bar. When you lift more weight, you’re building more muscle. So if you’re lifting the same amount of weight each week, you’re not going to see any significant changes in your physique. On the flip side, lifting more weight is a great way to prevent yourself from getting too comfortable in the gym. It will help you to stay focused on your form and prevent bad habits from forming. Adding more weight to the bar can be as simple as adding a few extra plates each week. You can also try decreasing your rest periods so that you’re lifting with heavier weights for shorter periods of time.


Incorporate interval training

If you’re looking to build muscle and burn fat at the same time, then you should be incorporating interval training into your exercise s. Interval training involves completing short and intense bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by a longer period of low-intensity exercise. This type of training has a ton of benefits, such as increasing your metabolism and boosting your endurance. Interval training is best done on a cardio machine, such as an elliptical or treadmill. It can also be done outside by running or hiking. You can also do interval training with weight lifting by lifting weights for short periods of time followed by longer periods of rest. Interval training is great for people who are short on time because you can fit it into your existing workout routine and you don’t need any special equipment.


Add in a core workout

Working out your core, or your abdominal muscles, is an easy way to ramp up the intensity of your workouts. If you don’t already, you should include core exercises in your workouts. This is especially true if you’re looking to build muscle. Core workouts will also help you to improve your posture and prevent back pain. They’ll also help you to improve your overall fitness level, which will also make it easier for you to burn fat. Core exercises fall into two categories: stability exercises and strength exercises. Stability exercises help to strengthen your core, improve your balance, and prevent injuries. While strength exercises focus on building muscle and improving posture. You can do both types of exercises during one workout.


Increase the intensity of your cardio sessions

If you’re looking to lose fat and increase your endurance, you should be doing cardio for at least 30 minutes at least three times per week. If you’re already hitting the cardio machines at the gym five times a week, you can still make things more challenging by increasing the intensity of your workouts. How? By increasing your speed, your intensity level, or both. You can do this by making small changes to the way you normally do cardio. For example, if you’re used to jogging on a treadmill for 30 minutes at a pace of 5 miles per hour, try jogging for 30 minutes at a pace of 6 miles per hour instead. You can also add in interval training or resistance training while you’re on the treadmill.


Push-ups and squats

Push-ups and squats are two of the best exercise s  you can do to build muscle. They also require little to no equipment. If you’re new to the gym and looking to make your exercise s more intense, try adding push-ups and squats into your routine. You can do the push-ups on a yoga mat or a towel and do the squats with a barbell or dumbbells. You can also do both exercise s with a weighted vest. To make your push-ups and squats more intense, increase the number of repetitions you do during each set. For example, if you’re used to doing 12 repetitions of push-ups during each set, try doing 15.


Knee push-ups and lunges

Knee push-ups and lunges are two more exercises you can do to make your exercise s more intense. They don’t require any special equipment, either. Knee push-ups are the same as regular push-ups except you perform them on your knees instead of your hands. Lunges are another great lower-body exercise s that you can do without any equipment. To make your lunges more intense, you can hold a weighted barbell or dumbbells, or wear a weighted vest. To make knee push-ups and lunges more challenging, increase the number of repetitions you do per set. For example, if you’re used to doing 10 knee push-ups during each set, try doing 15.


Jumping jacks, running, and squats

Running exercise s are a form of interval training. Squats are one of the best lower-body exercise s you can do to build muscle. If you want to make your exercise s more challenging, work running exercises into your routine. You can also try adding other cardio exercises, like lunges and jumping jacks, into your squat routine to make them more challenging. For example, stand up from your squat position, then bend your knees and start to run in place. You can do running exercise s on an exercise mat in your home or apartment.



You don’t need to spend hours in the gym every week to get fit and healthy. In fact, working out for too long can actually be counterproductive. The key to getting fit is to find ways to maximise your time at the gym. The above article lists 10 easy ways to make your exercise s more intense. They are as simple as adding a few more weights to the bar, pushing yourself harder, or adding in a few extra exercises.

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